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Enhancing and protecting the quality of freshly harvested produce through sustainable and innovative solutions is our mission. At every step, from harvest to storage to markets and retail shelves around the world, Pace ensures their customers’ fruits and vegetables are in the finest, most delicious form – ready to be joyfully consumed.

Postharvest technologies for longer-lasting freshness

Through our products and services we are able to provide customized programs that keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. By working with our customers we strive to reduce food waste along the supply chain, at retail, and at home.

Sustainability at Pace

As a global company, we believe in a world of plenty and provide our customers with the products and services they need to deliver the freshest abundance of produce to consumers around the world. Since 1999 we have strived to minimize our impact on the environment by offering our customers a portfolio of sustainable solutions. Our goal is to help protect and maintain the natural beauty, freshness, and quality of just-picked fruits and vegetables for consumers everywhere.

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Pace Postharvest Academy

Leadership and education are paramount at Pace. The Postharvest Academy is where we bring our customers, industry leaders, and university researchers together to explore game-changing ideas and present the latest postharvest research for the apple, pear and cherry industries.

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